On the 13 August, 2009, we held a private screening party and fundraiser for our production crew, friends and family at the Cinémathèque québécoise in Montréal. To those of you who traveled great distances to be present for this special occasion—we are so happy you could join us. Thank you for making the journey. We are grateful to our generous sponsors, volunteer staff, cast and crew, and all of you who attended. Thank you to Rotem for making sure everything went smoothly and on time; Adam Thompson for photography; and Amy Miller for prep and planning. Special thanks to Uchiyama Ritsuko-san for bringing a touch of elegance and the taste of her delicious Japanese tea to the occasion and to Tateishi Kôshô-san for his evocative calligraphy. Kôshô-san was pleased to know all five pieces have found lovely new homes in Canada. We will send him the proceeds from the silent auction to support his activities at his temple and practice site The Forest of Mountain Learning. All artists and musicians who contributed their talents to the film will be paid from the proceeds from ticket sales and we are well on our way to producing the first batch of DVDs this fall. We are grateful for everyone’s enthusiasm and support and appreciate very much all the critical and constructive feedback. As ever we are happy to hear your responses to the film.

Jean-Marc and Mark
Thank you to our wonderful sponsors:

Ritsuko Uchiyama – Collection du Japon

Hugo Americi – Camellia Sinensis Maison de Thé

Lorraine Pritchard & Stan Phillips – Au Papier Japonais

Tom McKendy, Dean of General Education – John Abbott College

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