The Dreaming Buddhas Project

The Dreaming Buddhas Project is a series of 25-minute documentary short films crafted by Ted Burger (director of “Amongst White Clouds”) for educators as a supplement to classroom lectures and readings. The films are narrated only by characters on-location: masters, monastics and laypeople whom give voice to their communities and traditions. These films offer real images and sounds of daily life, ritual and practice in China’s most respected, yet undocumented Buddhist communities.

Where Mountains Fly

An incredible film to discover by Sandra and Carina Roth. Filmed in the same locations as our film with a very fresh and original approach!

“Where Mountains Fly” mingles documentary with fiction in an entirely novel way. The universe it introduces, filled with nature and mystery, takes you along mountain paths to little known aspects of Japanese cultures.

Shibumi International Reiki Association

Dojo Linguistique

Thank you to Dojo Linguistique for supporting this film.

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